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MacBook, a Trouble in the Apple Heaven

5 Nov

A computer to be portable is the only way to gratification in the day and age we live in. We want them everywhere we are, right with us wherever we might be. We take them all over our homes and offices, painstakingly carrying them back and forth. It is no surprise that laptops are being preferred over desktops now. However, it is very disappointing when a laptop you buy with much enthusiasm, ends up causing troubles. What a waste!

Statistics show that Apple MacBook is a best seller. To be specific, the Mac has seen a 333% year-over-year jump in sales, since the product’s launch in 2008. An additional $2.2 Billion in revenue is yet expected at the Apple offices. Despite all this hype and massive selling, it has some problems. People might be buying them under the wrong impression that they are so much better than the other available options.

Like an exasperated user complained, ‘leaving them on your lap can cause harm to both you and the MacBook itself.’ It doesn’t end with this one user; some other problems being faced are as follows:

1.    Top Cover Splintering
MacBook has little risers above the display push against the plastic on the top cover where the track pad is located. While opening and closing your Mac, all this pushing over time starts to crack the top cover, which falls apart off at the edges.

2.    CD/DVD Gets Stuck
The slot-load CD/DVD inside Mac commonly gets stuck. Any disc you put in, probably, won’t be coming out easily. Mac hasn’t made it any easier by omitting a tray or a manual eject.

3.    SuperDrive Failure
A jammed disc isn’t the single question mark with the SuperDrives. From time to time, they split while still being inside. Sometimes, a disc doesn’t go inside the Rom and sometimes, it refuses to read anything.

4.    Hard Drive (HDD) Issues
Hard Drive issues are common to all laptops; Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, etc. They slowly, but surely, go bad from shaking or movement; get bad sectors over time or just outright failure.

5.    Trackpad Issues
The trackpad button begins to break up, consequential in a bouncy trackpad button that is frustrating to use.

6.    Bad or no good Battery
Bad Batteries are more frequent that you may assume, because they doesn’t last as long as they should, doesn’t charge, and are even not recognized.

7.    Discolored Case
The white polycarbonate MacBooks begin to discolor and tarnish with time. No amount of cleaning helps.

8.    Doesn’t Wake Up From Sleep
Once you put to sleep, it’s nearly impossible to wake it up. Try to push power button once or revive the lid to re-open it. Then, power on again or link it with its power adapter while trying to open the lid and pressing power once again. One of these might just work!

9.    Dead Power Adapter / Charger
The power adapters fail to respond even now and then. The light on them refuses to go on.

10.    Bad Airport Card
Similar to the power adapter, this car usually stops working.

Well, these are only just few problems in Mac. As the sales increases, the reported problems gets rise too. So, Apple should be more careful in cosmetics and technology that they fit in their very sleek and very thin MacBooks. If you’re interested to know more about Mac, its related gadgets, new developments and issues associated with them, join Mac’s Life to get latest stuff now.