MacKeeper Saved Me after Divorce

7 May

My husband was good with computers and I always used to joke around about the fact that his skills made me handicapped. I often deferred to him on computer problems rather than taking the time to figure it out myself. Over the years, this kind of situation built up and I began to realize that I wasn’t as technologically proficient as I should be. This fact did not become a problem until my husband and I divorced about five years ago. At this time, I realized that I needed to figure out how to use my computer and navigate through problems that I had on my own. This may not seem like a big deal to anyone who has never gone through this kind of ordeal, but for me, it nearly lost me my job and my only source of income.

I have to say, the thing that saved me was MacKeeper. Mac computers overall are easier to use and within a year after my husband left, I made a switch from PC to Mac because of this fact. But just switching from a Windows/Microsoft machine to a Mac was not enough really to make my technological life smooth-sailing. I needed a bit more help. Thus, I turned to MacKeeper. Mac computers running MacKeeper are remarkably easy to maintain, according to what I had read, so this move made me a bit more confident that I could handle whatever computer problems life had to throw at me. After my divorce, MacKeeper definitely saved me from certain doom.

MacKeeper is a great tool, needless to say. It has helped me with so many Mac tasks over the years. It’s easy to use, it makes sense to me (even though I’m completely handicapped) and it doesn’t take up a huge amount of my hard drive space. Whenever I buy a new Mac computer, the first thing that I do is download MacKeeper. Mac computers just perform better when they’re well-maintained and they have the right protective software running on them. I didn’t want my antivirus software or antimalware software to get in the way of my daily computer activities, but MacKeeper doesn’t. It has been nice to work with software that is built for an average user and not just the most savvy, or technologically inclined users.

If you’re struggling through a major life change that somehow requires you to suddenly make peace with technology after years of wrestling with it, I highly recommend purchasing a Mac rather than dealing with the eccentricities of a Windows machine. And on top of that, one should definitely download MacKeeper. Mac computers are easier to cope with than Windows and with MacKeeper installed they require very little coddling. It’s easy to use the software to maintain the Mac and if you get into a pinch, you have experts at Geek-on-Demand that you can call without having to worry about it. After working with this kind of situation for a few years now, I definitely feel more confident in my ability to manage my own computing and get better with technology as the years pass by.

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