Are Mac Computer Immune To Viruses?

21 Apr

Some people say that Apple’s Mac computers can not get a virus.  That’s just not true.  Any computer can get a virus if the bad guys want to take the time to write such code.  With Macs, there is much less chance of getting a virus ONLY because Windows PCs dominate the market.  Windows is a huge target, why spend tons of time writing malware code that could get you prison time only to target a small percentage of all computers?

One thing for Mac users to watch out for is their plugins like Adobe Reader, Flash,  Java, and dozens of others.  Mac users feel secure with the Mac OS, but then forget  that these plugins are created FOR Macs, but not created BY Apple.  They might very  well have vulnerabilities.  There are anti-virus programs that will help in this regard, one that we use is MacKeeper and we are happy with it. Is Mackeeper safe? Well, we’ve been using it for quite some time and have had no problems with it. So, be sure to keep those add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins up to date with their  latest version.

Also, there is plenty of fake software online free for downloading to your Mac. Fake because it claims to do “such-and-such” which is just what you’ve been looking for, but in reality, it installs a trojan, a backdoor, or a keylogger on your Mac.  These infection programs will install because you chose to download it and you gave it  permission to install and modify your files.

Lastly, be ware of phishing emails.  Your Mac will not protect you from fraudsters posing as security experts or posing as some support administration asking for some personal information.  It is not just passwords that they ask for, so don’t give out any personal information and especially watch out for links in emails that go to login pages. Make sure you’re on the REAL site before you enter your login details.

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